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Antimicrobial Adhesive Plastic Protection Film - 5 Sheets

Antimicrobial Adhesive Plastic Protection Film - 5 Sheets

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  • 5 Sheets per Pack: 15.98" x 15.74" (40.6cm x 40cm) / sheet
  • Easy Affordable Protection: Perfect for cell phones, door handles, countertops, and any high touch flat surface.
  • 99% Effective Against Bacteria & Viruses: Lab tested & proven to prevent the spread of bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses
  • Easy Mess Free Application: Adhesive Backing. Guiding Grid Lines on the Back
  • Airfree Adhesive Application: Able to be applied with less air bubbles than any other film due to Airfree technology
  • Translucent Sophisticated Finish: While other copper films have a more opaque look, hiding the original surface below the film, our film uses patented technology to have higher transparency.
  • Country of Origin: South Korea

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