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Yomi Yomis

Charm (Strawberry Truffle | Big)

Charm (Strawberry Truffle | Big)

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Designed by a kid for all kids out there who want to have fun!

Hypoallergenic surgical steel materials allow all skin types to enjoy these charms

Design-your-own unique bracelet the way you want it!

Handmade and hand-painted individually for a unique finish

  • Charms can be added to your Yomi Yomis charm bracelet for a unique design
  • 100% handcrafted and hand-painted
  • Handmade in Mexico
  • Hypoallergenic surgical steel
  • Resistant material based on PVC resin

* Actual products may vary slightly from the image due to each being individually handmade.

  • Age 2+

* Actual product measurements may vary slightly from the size image due to each being individually handmade.

Yomi Yomis began in a home kitchen when Regina María (age 8) was designing funny and original earrings for herself and her friends. Since that moment on their mission has been all about motivating inner beauty in all girls around the world by allowing them to be creative and just have fun!

What makes Yomi Yomis unique is not only their creativity but their emphasis on high quality, safe products that are all handmade and tested. The materials they use are carefully selected to avoid allergic reactions as well as discolorations, breakage or other types of damage.

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