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Republic of Pigtails

Headband (Lisa | Gold)

Headband (Lisa | Gold)

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Handmade by none other than mothers and grandmothers who design and craft for their own loved ones!

Intricately layered design is the ideal marriage of dazzle and delicacy

Elegant floral arrangement features accents of gold thread & pearl beads

Available in Black or Gold satin band

  • Handmade in Indonesia
  • Crafted individually by hand by the designers
  • Lightweight & flexible headband
  • Locally acquired materials in Indonesia

* Actual products may vary slightly from the image due to each being individually handmade.

  • Age 2+

* Actual product measurements may vary slightly from the size image due to each being individually handmade.

Republic of Pigtails is a collection of handmade hair accessories. The business was inspired by the owner's little toddler and her little friends... as well as their mothers, who also love to look fabulous. Each of the accessories are named after friends and family of the brand who helped inspire the collection.

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