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Leaflets Necklace (Navy)

Leaflets Necklace (Navy)

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Polished accordian leaflets crafted meticulously in sophisticated folds

Eye-popping necklace piece to adorn a simple outfit or finish off the most perfect outfit!

Refined accessory piece that all moms will want to borrow!

  • Age 2+
  • Adjustable chain loop for easy sizing
  • Available in Gold, Mustard, Navy, Powder Pink
  • Faux Suede
  • Gold-plated chain

* Actual products may vary slightly from the image due to each being individually handmade.

  • All ages

* Actual product measurements may vary slightly from the size image due to each being individually handmade.

The IMOGA team believes there is wisdom in every child’s whimsy. Children trust their instincts. They are driven by their senses, not rules. There’s no planning, no judgment, no editing. What peaks their curiosity and catches their eye, what makes them swoon in the moment is what matters. And they design with this spirit in mind. It is not about just shrinking adult trends. There is a respect of the proportions, shape, and playful nature of children. IMOGA is known for designing their own materials and carve pint-size silhouettes that maximize style and freedom. Their aim is to delight little souls with colors, prints, and textures that are fun and bold, yet timeless.

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